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  CCA  ACQUISITION  PROGRAM                 

CCA is seeking the acquisition of companies and product lines that meet the specifications outlined below:

The Company's long-range corporate objective is to enhance its existing businesses through the acquisition of companies with proprietary product lines related to CCA's current technologies, markets, and distribution methods. CCA is seeking acquisition opportunities in two categories:

  1. Companies or product lines that could be integrated with existing subsidiaries.
  2. Companies that would continue to operate in a stand-alone mode.

Profitable, well-managed businesses are desired. Mergers and/or acquisitions will be considered on the assumption that CCA will be the surviving corporation or major shareholder. While profitability is of importance, marginal or unprofitable operations would be considered if legitimate opportunity for turnaround exists. Unrelated operations will also be given serious attention. The following is our acquisition profile:

  1. A manufacturer of electrical, electronic, or electro-mechanical devices or systems that are sold principally to the commercial/industrial electrical, electronic, or computer industries.
  2. The product line should be in the medium technology area with recognition in its market segment.
  3. The identified available market should be at least $75 million per year and growing at an average rate of 10% per year compounded, or faster.
  4. Sales should be in the $10 million range for a stand-alone company and a minimum of $2 million for a product line.
  5. The company or product line should be profitable on a stand-alone basis.
  6. Experienced management in key positions should be present and available for continued service.
  7. The assets should be in line with the current sales levels, i.e., accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment, etc.
  8. A purchase price of up to $10 million will be considered. CCA desires to acquire companies for cash and/or notes.

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