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  CCA  ACQUISITION  PROGRAM      (continued)           


Consideration will be given all locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Communication should be directed to:
B. Hess, Executive VP, or R. Futrell, CFO,
telephone (214) 969-0166 or fax (214) 969-5905
e-mail at
or write to:
Components Corporation of America
5950 Berkshire Lane
Suite 1550
Dallas, TX 75225


  1. The Company welcomes submission of acquisition situations by company owners. Additionally, the Company welcomes brokers and other finders.
  2. CCA's established policy is to expect any broker or other finder to look to the seller for commission or finder's fees on any company or product submitted to us where a purchase, merger, or royalty arrangement may result. However, we realize that special circumstances may warrant otherwise. In this event, we will pay a fee only when we have signed a fee letter with the broker or finder.
  3. Inasmuch as many companies are submitted to us each year, it is possible that the Company may be familiar with the situation you propose. If such is the case, you will promptly be notified to this effect.
  4. The Company will provide quick consideration of candidates presented and prompt response.
  5. An interest expressed by the Company in a proposed acquisition and all discussions regarding possible purchase price should be treated by you in absolute confidence. You shall not be authorized to speak for CCA unless you receive written authority from the Company.


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